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The Hall

The Hall is our largest recording room. We made it as high as we could, Acoustic panels are from Vicoustic and technically calculated by Amptec. We tried to make different sounds at different spots in the hall. In the back it's a wet sound, for example awesome to do wet drum recordings with overheads placed high or recording an orchesta. In the front of the room it's more like a dry sound. It's really cool to search the sound you want to get.


 Here are 3 different panels for mic inputs. (Left,Right and in the front), we have an easy patch workflow, for example when you put a microphone in the front panel in the hall (input 1), the signal will be available directly on channel 1 on the desk, you don't have to patch that much so you save a lot of time !!! The studio is fully equiped with an Aviom system so artists can make up their own mix on an aviom mixer in their headphones while recording. All the backline gear that is standing in the hall can be used to make beautiful hits(: 

The Vocal booth 


The vocal booth has the same height as the hall. Perfect for setting up a drumrecording or bass amp etc. To  get that really dry fat sound !!! Perfect for really dry vocals, for example hip-hop vocals sound very good in here !!! There is one panel for mic inputs, again easy workflow, if u put a signal in input 1, the signal will be directly available at channel 25 on the desk, ofcourse if u want to change, you can do a quick patch ! (:


Again here is also the aviom headphone mixer available for the artists their mix. 

The control room 

In the control room we have the Neve 5088 mixing console. Sounds truly amazing! At the topic 'gear' on the website you can check out our outboard gear. 

Standard patch from ghielmetti all linked up and working perfectly to provide an easy and fast workflow for the Engineers. We have the Adam S3HX monitor's, Some NS10's working on a labgruppen amp. Aviom mix can be checked also here. Because we installed the neve we searched for a very good AD conversion so the sound doesn't get affected by the digital signal conversion. To convert the analog signal to digital signal, We use DAD convertors working with HDX Card, sounds crazy ! DAW = Pro Tools 12, running on a mac pro beast. 

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